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Twenty years ago we sent a survey to help us decide what we would focus on as we created our plans and mission. We are asking our members to take a survey once again to help us understand what is important, identify opportunities to improve the watershed, and ensure we are communicating effectively.    

Please take a few minutes to complete our survey at this link:

or use your phone camera to access it with this QR code:

If you are unable to access the survey, send an e-mail to and she can send you a copy to return via mail or e-mail.

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Grassland 2.0 Presentation 2023-10-17

Grassland 2.0 Presentation 2023-10-17

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Land and waters preservation trust grant application

One Watershed One Plan Summary

What is One Watershed One Plan?

It was developed by following the guidelines set the BWSR, and aligns with water planning along watershed boundaries, and enhances the existing county  water plans.

Pine River WRAPS Report

Pine River Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy Report

annual meeting

Pine River Watershed Alliance Annual Meeting is held in June.

6/18/2024 Annual Meeting

3:00 pm
Ideal Town Hall and on Zoom


 All are invited to attend the Annual Meeting and speakers. 

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